Welcome to General Medicine Showcase!

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Our belief is that as technological breakthroughs in medicine continue we will soon have advanced diagnostic and treatment devices inside our own homes. Imagine having your home scan and treat you for ailments before you are even aware of them!

What our website is about:

We will showcase new and exciting breakthroughs in technology (especially medical technology) that may lead to this biotechnology paradise. For each new breakthrough we will try to break it down and explain exactly how this new breakthrough may impact the every day person in the near future.

What we are not:

Apparently this domain name used to belong to a podcast. There is no podcast on this website currently. If you are looking for that podcast, you need to keep looking. I’m guessing it doesn’t exist anymore, but I don’t know for sure.

Resources We Recommend For Medical Research and Technology:

Phlebotomy Certification – A guide for people wanting to become Phlebotomists.

NPR.org – Not afraid to get into the technical details behind new technologies and their potential effects on society.

MedGadget.com – New medical technologies are also explored here. It’s like our site, only our sites are better.

Meddit – Technically it’s the Medicine sub-Reddit. But it’s a hugely popular arena for new and interesting articles about medicine and technology.

Areas of Medicine We Like to Focus On:

Home Medical Technologies – new methods of monitoring your health in your home. Hopefully someday soon all preventative medicine will be done this way!

Nursing – If there’s one way to describe the job of nursing, it would be: not easy. Any technology that help to make a Nurse’s job easier and more accurate goes a long way towards improving health care in general.

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) – The first moments after a crisis or injury are crucial. Developing new technology for treating wounds, cardiac events and lack of oxygen reaching the brain could massively improve the survival rate for otherwise-deadly events.