Using CBD Oil for Pain Management & Bonus cbdMD Discount Code

A new type of product for pain relief has come on the market in the last few years: CBD oil. What is it, and how does it work? Is it really effective for treating chronic pain? Is it legal? Today we’ll answer those and other questions.

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Before we start on the science, I wanted to provide our readers with a discount code for a very high quality CBD oil provider that I recommend: cbdMD. Because the industry is still new, there isn’t a standard set of regulations for CBD oil in terms of purity, quality of the plants used, and other factors, however cbdMD is a very reputable company that makes an excellent product. Technically, there are no CBD products that are approved by the FDA for pain management (although one has been approved for treating epilepsy), however that is only because there have not been enough studies completed yet. The ones that have concluded have shown very promising results. It is very likely that we will see several CBD products get approved in the coming years, and I would not be surprised if cbdMD was among them.

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So what is CBD? It stands for Cannabidiol, and it is derived from the hemp plant. It’s often confused with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is derived from the marijuana plant and provides the feeling of being ‘high’ to the user. By contrast CBD does not give any sort of high, although many people find it has a calming effect and they use it to help manage anxiety or stress. Your body has a series of receptors including the brain and immune system, they are proteins attached to your cells. It is believed that CBD interacts with these receptors.

CBD for pain management

One of the results of CBD oil interacting with the receptors in your bodies ECS (endocannabinoid system) is reduced inflammation, which in turn means reduced pain. Many people are looking to CBD as a way to manage chronic pain, such as back or neck pain, because it can be used long term without the negative side effects and addiction issues that come with opioids. Opioid abuse has reached a crisis level in North America and it is clear that an alternative is needed. CBD might be that alternative. Recent research also showed that CBD was effective in treating pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia, cancer, and neuropathic (nerve) pain. It may even be effective in treating arthritis, and has been shown to reduce symptoms in menopausal women.

Where to buy CBD Products?

As I mentioned earlier in this article there are not any industry-standard regulations when it comes to CBD products so you must be very careful where you purchase from. Again my top choice is cbdMD because of the quality of their product as well as the fact that they offer coupons for new and existing customers. If you are researching other brands, make sure to look at where they get their hemp plants from and if they are GMP certified. GMP = Good Manufacturing Processes, it’s administered by the National Sanitation Foundation. In my opinion price is not the most important factor when shopping around for CBD products, if you are talking about your health then you really need to get the best quality products.

Which CBD product is right for me?

There are oils, tinctures, topical gels, lotions, pills, gummies, and even dog treats. While I don’t recommend taking the dog treats for yourself, it mainly comes down to how you prefer to take your CBD. For localized pain such as arthritis, using a topical gel or lotion might work faster than a tincture or oil. If you don’t like swallowing pills or oil drops, then gummies might be a good option for you. It’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor first about dosage, and they may have a recommendation on what format would be best for your condition as well.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, but it’s a little complicated. CBD that is made from hemp and does not contain more than 0.3% THC is legal at the federal level, however some states may have restrictions around it. Conversely, CBD products with higher concentrations of THC are illegal at the federal level, but legal in some states. Needless to say, you need to carefully check your state laws before purchasing any products.

CBD for Pain Management: Well worth a try

Provided it’s permitted where you live, CBD oil is at least worth a try for pain management. Especially if it’s chronic pain you are dealing with, I would exhaust other options first before using opioids. And use that coupon code for cbdMD, you’ll get at least 15% off your first order.